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Holistic Health  & Healing

Holistic Health Consultations to heal the eco-body through the root causes. Integrating herbal  medicine, live food nutrition, cleansing and detox for lifelong health and vitality.

As your Holistic Health Coach and Clinical Herbalist, I work with you to design a health and healing plan that   address systems in the body and patterns of the mind. Our goal is not just to suppress or eliminate symptoms, it   is to address the whole Eco-body and to provide support for balancing and harmonizing the body/mind connection and function which heals dis-ease.

Systems healing is most effective for conditions like allergies, digestion, auto-immune patterns, intestinal disorders, respiratory function, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular health, blood sugar imbalances, menopause, weight loss and metabolism, joint pain, insomnia, and fatigue.

Your initial 90 minute consultation includes:

    • • Review of your health and medical history.
    • • Review of your diet and nutrition.
    • • 5 Element Chinese Constitutional assessment.
    • • pH testing for acid-alkaline balance.
    • • Muscle testing and dowsing for food sensitivities and supplements.
    • • Abdominal assessment, as needed.
    • • Herbal allies and remedies.
    • • Resources for additional testing if needed.
    • Your personal Health & Healing Plan.

The root causes of our health issues can go back to our childhood and our early life style habits. Daily life stress, emotional states, negative beliefs, trauma and nervous system patterns can be unconscious and cause us pain and suffering. When we bring awareness to the underlying causes of our health and wellbeing we gift ourselves with the desire to heal our whole being, body and mind. To become the whole person we feel that we are inside and out.

 Holistic Health Coaching:
90 minutes at the Northampton office or online.

Sliding Scale: Household income below $ 25,000 =$90.00
Household income above $25,000 =$120.00


Seasonal Inner Cleanse & Detox Program

Reclaim your body/mind balance and energy in every season. Discover how to create and maintain balance in your Eco-body and energize, detox and heal your internal systems and experience renewed energy that shines externally with greater health and vitality.

In Chinese Medicine practice, there are 5 seasonal elements in Nature. Each one support the next and through the process of a year the body lives in harmony with nature, generating a strong immune system, health organ function, pain release and renewed energy.

Spring Inner Cleanse: Awaken from winter into spring detoxifying the liver and gallbladder; the Wood element as the energy of spring is bursting upward. This is the most popular season for cleansing the body.

Summer Inner Cleanse: Energize the fire element through cleansing the intestinal system, the colon and the blood and create healthy circulation. Summer cleansing is easy because we tend to crave cooling and refreshing foods and drinks.

Harvest Inner Cleanse: Nourish the Earth element by improving digestion with natural enzymes, nourishing foods, and soothing herbs that heal the inner tissues of the whole GI track. The Harvest Cleanse focuses on nourishing with herbs and blended raw foods.

Fall Inner Cleanse: The metal element rules the lungs and the colon. Cleansing at this time of year relives allergy reactions and symptoms by supporting the lungs and the immune system to be strong as it adapts from Fall into Winter and avoids “catching” unpleasant colds & flus.

Winter Inner Cleanse: The winter is the element of water and rules the kidneys. Most people get sick in the winter due to stagnation and a lack of tonification. This cleanse strengthens the immune system to endure the health challenges of winter by building kidney and adrenal strength. I recommend doing the winter cleanse in January following the holiday season

Seasonal Inner Cleanse Coaching:
90 minutes at the Northampton office or online.

Sliding Scale: Household income below $ 25,000 =$90.
Household income above $25,000 = $120



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