Journey into deep inner awareness of
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Weave your empowered life tapestry.

Life Journey Coaching

On my first Vision Quest on the land in Colorado in 1993,  I received my spirit name: Medicine Weaver.  To Inner-Weave is my life’s path and to support others to weave their life tapestry is my life purpose.

I believe that we are all cut from the same cloth, the same source, the same wholeness.  The inner journey process deepens our awareness  through the healing experience of asking for what we need and desire, letting go of what we don't need and generating a wider embrace of compassionately offering our gifts in the world. 

Inner Weave Life Journeys is a weaving of my gifts in Shamanic Journeywork, Life Coaching, Circle of Presence, Engaged Mindfulness,  and Spiritual Retreats. 

Wellness in many indigenous cultures is not only based on the absence of physical illness but, more importantly is to heal the spirt. The journey puts us in deep connection withe Spirit and from there we can embrace our healing. Shamanic healing is the oldest form of spiritual energy medicine that integrates the body and the mind as one awareness of being.

This is empowering, therapeutic healing work that works because you are the Journey Walker and you are choosing your path with the guidance and support of your connection to your own nature awareness, your innate wisdom.


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Private Life Journey Coaching Sessions  (90–120 minutes in office or online).

We are all cut from the same cloth, but life challenges can cause our tapestry to become torn and tattered from trauma and social and political tensions pulling on our threads every day in our relationships, in our families, and at our jobs.

Inner Weave Life Journeywork is an experiential healing process that supports you to access your inner knowing, your sensory awareness of what you need for your healing. You become open and receptive to listening to receiving compassionate spiritual guidance.

Most people have very little practice and experience at weaving their own authentic lives with the colors and textures that bring them health, happiness and connection. Your journey coaching experience will allow you to weed out the threads that no longer serve you and to mend and heal the worn-out patches and holes that you may have endured for so long. You can create space for what brings you joy and wellness.

Lenore, Medicine Weaver provides professional life coaching, facilitation and guidance in a safe space for you to explore deep levels of consciousness. You will work together to create a powerful intention for your healing session. Lenore supports you to release old attachments, entanglements, and blocks to your health and happiness. The process is compassionate as you choose to release what no longer serves you and re-pattern your energy and vitality in spirit and body.

We each have the potential to create and weave our unique life tapestry. We long to be free spirits in the creative flow of an empowered and meaningful life, expressing our gifts according to our most meaningful purpose.

Experience is the best teacher and healer and Inner Weave Life Journeys are meaningful experiences that deepen your awareness, your mindfulness practice and bring your authentic, true Self to life.

Inner Weave Life Journey Coaching Sessions

  • Private Sessions are offered at my Northampton, MA office, at a home visit, or online. I offer a free initial consultation by phone for 15 minutes.

  • Your session can be conducted while sitting in a chair or while lying down. Your eyes should remain closed and you have the option of wearing an eye cover.

  • Office Journey Sessions are for 90 minutes  - 2 hours. 
    Online ZOOM Life Journey Coaching  is 75 min.
  • Sessions can be done separately or as a complete series.

Session 1  Life Journey Coaching – Choose a life theme, pattern or situation that you wish to explore and transform. This could be related to your role in the family, your relationships, your work, or your creativity and hearts desires. The process is to remove the old threads and patterns that no longer serve your life purpose and to weave in your new colors and create a beautiful life design.

Session 2  Power Recovery Journey – Carrying old wounds from traumatic past experiences can cause much suffering, addiction, depression and self-sabotage. Discover what has been lost, taken or given away. Embrace your personal power and honor your gifts as you re-weave your life tapestry.

Session 3  Weaving Health & Healing - Health lives in the body but is a direct experience of the mind for they are intertwined and one begets the other. Healing your spirit may well be the missing piece in your efforts to re-claim your health and vitality. Generating good health and healing dis-ease begins with healing the energetic disturbance taking place between body and mind. We must heal the whole, holistically.

Session 4  Spirit Guide Relations – It can be difficult to find time to quite your mind and meditate. Maintaining a consistent practice of being in stillness can be challenging when living on a day to day schedule. Practice accessing your inner states of awareness and flow. Engage with your inner guidance, listen and be receptive to weaving your life energy and choices with the support of your Spirit Guides, your helpers. Your inner-nature longs to be connected and present in your life.

Session 5  Soul Tapestry – What is the matrix of your authentic life tapestry? You are the artist and the weaver of your own life design. Mastery of our energetic tapestry is a life long journey of weaving and mending and weaving again. The more you practice looking and being aware of your body-mind energetic field the more you will feel in alignment with your Spirit. When you are free of the weight of suffering, your lightness brings you peace and harmony.

Inner Weave Group Journeys – Visit our Workshops and Retreats page for a listing of Seasonal Group Journeys. Lenore is available to work with your group on a healing theme of their choice. The host would provide the location and their tuition is free. The minimum group size is 6 people.


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