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Workshops & Retreats

"Immerse yourself in nature and restore your body’s natural rhythm. Workshops and retreats are an opportunity to explore with a group while accessing your personal inner wisdom." ~ Lenore Anderson

Women's Canyonlands Quest
Dancing Between the Worlds  2020
May 24-30 or September 27 - October 3.

A seven day journey into the deep canyons in southern Utah near the 4 Corner states. Drop into the deep canyon walls and explore your vision as we "Dance between the Worlds". We will explore the ancient cliff dwellings of the ancient Pueblo people. The group will practice 5 element dance on the beautiful flat dance floor created by nature. This canyon is a powerful place for your 2 night solo quest. Return to the upper world feeling strong, clear and open to your potential energy and vision. Learn More

The 24-Hour Experience  
October 5 &6

The 24-Hour Experience follows the Swift River through the natural cycle of day, into night, into day. We will share stories and visit historical sites from Indigenous times to early farming settlements, and reflect on the future of sustainable living & learning. Learn map and compass and go orienteering in small groups. Play under the stars and navigate according to the night sky. Expand your sensory awareness, practice wildlife tracking, use your night vision to explore the nocturnal world. We will rest and refresh, as we “cat nap” along the way.

 4 Day Nature Quest  

This 4-day quest is just enough time to reconnect with your body and soul! As a group will create support and inspiration for each person to take their individual time to be alone in nature. We will clarify our intentions and prepare to go out on our quest. You can choose to do one or two nights on your solo quest.

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks

Lenore Anderson is the outdoor leader and Clinical Herbalist on the Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks for Earthworks Programs. Many of the Plant Walks take place on Earthworks wilderness and survival skills weekend Getaways.

August 18, 1:30-5:00. Berries, Baskets & Brook Trout Weekend Getaway. Join us for the weekend, or sign up for a few Earth skills workshops. Don’t miss the wild plant walk!

September 21, 1-4 pm. Wild Plant Walk during The Wilderness Extravaganza Skills Weekend. Join us for the weekend, or sign up for a few Earth skills workshops. Don’t miss the wild plant walk and the primitive cooking over a fire evening workshop it’s all fun and delicious.

October 19, 1-4 pm. Harvest berries, roots and seeds and enjoy a wild edible feast.

November 10, Noon-3:00. Harvest wild roots and learn how to make herbal tinctures.

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